It took some time to learn

What it is there’s just no time to yearn

Everyday I spin and twirl

To the rhythm of this crazy world

Normal people just try to live in vain

But the mainstream news is pounding in ur brain

They fear ur mind with this selfish plan

And kinda hopeless to take a stand

It’s been a long comin’

Didn’t u know

U gotta find ur road

To ur notion

I can’t believe there’s twisted people with power

Then came down viciously the twin towers

What’s the truth, u’ll probably never know

All u got is a front seat in this crazy ass show

Ya know…

People awakin’ and tryin’ to take a stand

To then get smacked down from tise elite master plan

It’s bound to blow this life of abusion

It’s time to reset humans

It’s been a long comin’

Didn’t u know

Might as well just enjoy the show

U need to just find ur road

Put it in motion