Lyrics – GROOVE ON

Music makes me move my hips yeah

Sometimes it makes me feel crazy

But u know u got to kick it on the one

Gotta get my groove on

And move on

U got that rhythm grooving to the beat

Subsequently, we’ll get somethin’ to eat, ummm

I really think that we are getting along yeah

Get ur groove on

Got to groove on

I feel that rhythm goin’ through my viens and bones

Like the day I met u Mrs. Jones

U got the moves

U make it really smooth yeah

And I dig ur groove yeah

Everytime u call my number

It’s so exciting what we’ll discover

I really like to groove with u baby, yeah

Groove on

Move on

Got to groove on

I got a tingle going down my spine

And groove with u, anytime

Got to feel u moves

Feelin’ really smooth

And I dig ur groove yeah yeah

I’m so tied up I hope u understand

But the next time I’ll be ur Superman

Got to get ur groove

Feelin’ really smooth yeah

Move on