l-ur sexy

  1. Ur Sexy

[Oh, ur walk baby, smooth

I can dig it ya know

I wanna see ya tonight baby…yeah!]

I just wanna get it on with u

I’m hoping u get my attention

U look my way

I feel the energy

Ooooh…ur touch is real

I can’t get enough

I need ur number don’t say maybe

‘Cause ur sexy baby

[Ur sexy baby]

I just love how I’m feeling the groove

Yeah baby…u got nothing to prove

Just sayin’…ooh,  ur mine tonite,

Don’t worry I don’t bite

Unless u want me to

I just wanna get it on with u

I’m really not that crazy

But ur sexy baby


Oooo, U got a vision of u and me

To keep it together

I love the way u also treat and care for others

Yeah…u just got that feel

And ur keepin’ it real

U always treat me like a lady

And ur sexy baby


I love ur style

I gotta make u mine

‘Cause ur sexy baby