l-Just the Way It Is

2. Just the Way It Is

I remember
When u were a little prune
Always waking up too soon
Now that ur a little girl baby
Doin’ ur thing
I just love ur upbring yeah
U needed my attention
I’ll feed u my wisdom
Take it for what it’s worth
I’ll always guide u, hence
I’m on this earth

U’ll always be my princess
Lord knows ur growin’ up too soon but
I just can’t watch ur every move
U gotta live ur groove
Gotta take the good, the bad,
Be sad and surely glad
It’s just part of the plan
You gotta take a stand

It’s just the way it is
Just the way it is
It is, what it is, what it is
It’s just the way it is
Just the way it is
Oh baby, oh have mercy
Oh now babe, yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ur so gentile
With ur little smile
Oh, how can anyone never love u baby
Whatever u must go through
Just be true
And remember
That I will always love u

Ur just my little girl
It just the way it is
Whenever, forever
I’ll always love u baby