l-I wonder

  1. I Wonder

I wonder, what’s the purpose of this place

I wonder why the sky is dark up there in outer space

Though u gotta live ur life to what it is

No one really knows what’s at the end of all this

I wonder when, the time will come, to know my destiny

If only I can see the way, to set it free

I wonder, how to figure out the cloud in my mind

I know it’s just a matter of time

Who what when where I don’t really know

How to make a move on u

I just know that I really dig u [You]

That I always want to be with u

Do it


I wonder if like to stroll and sit by a lake

I wonder if u put sugar in ur cornflakes

It really doesn’t matter what we do

As long as we know that we will pull through

Now that I’m done with all the wonders

The short time that we’re here

There’s no sense in feeling fear

Now I’m getting so much older

I wonder one last time what’s in the closure