l-I Bet Ya

9. I Bet Ya (ft. Mary Dee)

Hey, let me tell ya something
I just don’t play that way for nothing
I got my reasons to believe, and my perception
From ur bullshit talk and persuasion
U always thinkin’ that u got somethin’ to prove
But u really ain’t got no groove
U bettin’ what ur heart is sayin’
Thinkin’ not too bright
U gonna loose ur faith
Expecting that ur right

I bet ya, huh
I bet u didn’t see it comin’ y’all woo hoo
I bet ya
I bet ya
Woo,hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo

[Mary in the house y’all, hit it]

I just know u gotta pay ur dues
And take some chances
Finally got some weight of my shoulders
Here come the taxes
But u gotta keep on movin’ yeah
And feel what’s comin’
I gotta check my senses
It’s time for lovin’
Oh I’m feelin’ quite exceptional
But somethin’ in my head is sayin’, a little sceptical
Now’s the time keep on the groove
And don’t get played
I’m gonna make my move yeah
I pick the ace of spades, yeah

I bet ya, oooo, I’m gonna bet ya girl
Woo hoo, yeah
I bet ya, baby, ur gonna, bet what
Woo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo
I bet ya baby yeah
I, I bet ya baby, hey baby
Woo hoo hoo, I bet ya bet ya
Bring it
I bet ya, ha