l-get up

  1. Get Up

It’s been too long coming

Now it’s time for u to  [Get up]

There’s no excuses

Get ur ass up off the couch [Get up]

I ain’t playin’ games no more

Until you [Get up]

You better get your act in gear

And show that u are worthy  [Get up]

I just don’t understand

Why ur throwin’ away ur abilities [Get up]

You need to pick up the slack boy

Ddon’t wanna tell u twice [Get up]

I know u can do it, instead of sayin’ screw it [Get up]

It’s just a matter of keepin’ it real

And just do it

If u only had a notion

Just keep ur wheels in motion

I need to see the real deal

‘Cause my feel is to

Step back, and backtrack, from ur slack, hey Jack

U think I’m just a nagger

and ur full of swagger [Get up]

Ur losing my addiction

From another part that also needs to [Get up]

The signs have told me

To move on and [Get up]

Now is the time …[Get up]

I gotta find a new thing

For a better groove and upswing [Get up]

I just gonna keep it tight

Until something good’s gonna make it right [Get up]

It’s just a matter of time

And how the story’s gonna go [Get up]

I don’t know what’s up ahead

And nobody really knows

My luck is changin’

It’s so amazin’

I can’t let this go…. no, no, no

It feels like love is right

And real tight

Ooh, yeah, baby….now it’s time to get on up