l-Funky Blues

6. Funky Blues

Hey, whatcha doin’
I guess I got some time on my hands
I don’t wanna work and don’t give a damn
I got this thing I’ve been thinkin’… Ummmm
Just put it through the test and stop freakin’
U only got one life to live
I got so much love to give
I’m gonna play it all nite long
And gonna jam this groove, huh
And sing to this freakin’ song

Freakin’ funky blues
Funky, yeah, funky blues
Funky blues, yeah, oh yeah
Freakin’ freakin’ funk blues
Freakin’ funky
Funky blues, hey
Whooo hoooo

Drivin’ home at 4 in the morning
It’s just a stormin’
Finally got home and my head is beatin’
I kick back and listen to the news
Such a shame, the world views
There’s really nothing I can do
And this is what I’m finding
That everyone’s got the funky blues, yeah yeah

Do do do do, u gotta keep it funky now baby

Funky blues, yeah
Funky, funky blues
You gotta give the funky blues
Yeah funky, freakin’ funky
Freakin’ freakin’ funk blues
Freakin’ funky, baby yeah
Oh, funky blues

Funky, funky blues
U gotta keep it funky yeah
Funky, awww
Freakin’ freakin’ funk blues
Freakin’ funky blues, Freakin’ funky
Funky funky blues
Funky blues