1. Free (ft. Mary Dee)

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, oh

I gotta tell u something

It’s been on my mind a long long time

It’s gonna start today

I’m on my way.

Precious time is tickin’

Change is comin’ my way

No more 9 to 5

I just need to feel alive

My conscious makes me feel it, baby

Now the time has come

To set myself… Free

Yes I am…Free

Like a bird, spread my wings

Just doin’ my thing

I’m free baby

Yes I’m free baby

Now that I’m inspired to be here in moment

I’m never gonna lock me down

To something I just won’t do

Just push urself and follow through

Don’t deny the things important to u

Though I need to know

You got my back

And promise not to let me go

I’m on my ride

I’m finally on my way to set myself… Free

Best for me that I’m…Free

Like a bird,  spread my wings

Finally just doin’ my thing

Yeah I am… Free

Free free free

Don’t u know baby

Free baby…Free

I’m free, don’t u know

I’m here to tell u baby

Spread my wings and fly

…Adlib, I’m free baby

U gotta know that I always wanna be, free baby

That’s me,

No more beggin’ on my knees… Yeah, I am baby

I’m free baby

Here I am,  I’m so so me

U gotta do whatever need be

Just do ur thing

And let it swing, baby

I’m never goin’ back that way

It don’t seem to matter anyway

‘Cause time will certainly agree

Now  I’m leading to my destiny u’ll see

Livin’ life presently…. Free, I’m free, yeah