l-be u

  1. Be U

Every time I see u

U make me feel that I’m part of… u

I like the way we chill and play

It’s so easy

I just want u to

Never change a thing

And be u,  ummmm

I love ur crazy hair

U squeeze me like a teddy bear

I just like the things u do

Ur love is certainly contagious

U own all the basis

I just like that u

Never change ur ways

And be u

Even when there’s hardship

At times u gotta bite ur lip

You’ll forget about it tomorrow

Just keep rollin’ on…..yeah

Now the sun is shinning

Bring it on….

It’s gonna be a better day


It’s gonna be a better day, better day, yeah

U seem so sensible

And dependable

I really dig the flow….can’t let this go, no no no no,

Now that ur by my side

I love ur pride

I just want u to

Never change a thing….

Never change ur ways…

I know that I always wanna be with u